Spoken English & Personality

Business English

Course Includes: 

1.Parts of speech 
3.Auxillary verbs 
5.Question Tags 
6. Direct & indirect Speech 
7. Active & Passive Voice
8.Situational English 
9.Business English vocabulary 
10.Comparatives and Superlatives etc..

Personality Development

Course Includes: 

1.Conecept of Personality 
2. Leadership Skills 
3. Self Confidence
4. Positive Thinking 
5. Public Speaking 
6. Presentation Skills
7. Interview Skills 
8. Grooming
9. Group Discussion 
10. Communication Skills 
11. Telephonic Etiquette
12. Email Etiquette

Business Communication

1.Types of Communication 
2. Verbal and Non Verbal 
3. Written Businesss Communication 
4.Structure of a Business Letter 
5. Office Communication 
6. Sample Business Writing
7. Crisis Communication
8. Barriers to Good Communication

Accent Training


Spoken English Courses

1.Basic English 
2. Intermediate English
3. Advanced English